Instituto Parroquial Santa María Madre del Pueblo comes as a response to a specific need for the teenagers and the 50,000 people that live in the neighborhood of 1-11-14 in Bajo Flores, Buenos Aires. Designated one of the most dangerous areas in the capital. Over 50% of its population is under 17 years old and as a result of the lack of opportunities, many of these young people become parents at an early age, victims of domestic violence, become involved with drugs and have a poor quality of education, which leads to unemployment. The 1-11-14, Bajo Flores community leaders, involved school personnel and other leaders in the parish work with the families of 1-11-14 to ensure a better quality of life for these young people. The parish has been present in the neighborhood since 1975 and seeks to dignify the lives of the residents. Today the parish holds various activities throughout day, bringing together more than 2,500 children and teenagers.

How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps 


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation provided Instituto Parroquial Santa María Madre del Pueblo with their laptop computer center. The goal is to improve the quality of education and also prepare these youngsters for jobs. Part of the poverty cycle in villa 1-11-14 is that they lack of education results in lack of employment, which results in higher crimes and drug abuse rates. We are working to reverse the cycle and address the issues at the root. By providing computer access, these young people will have the opportunity to become better students, which will result in better candidates for university, which will result in better candidates for employment, and thus snip the poverty cycle. We get to help in building this community into a safer one from the ground up. 


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