The community of “The Mineros San Juan,” Ushpa-Ushpa is located 10km southeast of the city of Cochabamba. There are approximately 1,500 families living under the poorest of economic conditions. Due to its illegal status, Ushpa-Ushpa lacks all basic infrastructure or coverage with utilities. Many inhabitants are without work and can only find short-term or seasonal jobs, and the 1,500 families each have an average of 4 to 6 children. The current status of health of the Ushpa-Ushpa population is sub-standard. Breathing problems and diarrhea are common and particularly widespread among the children. Together with The “Saint Vincent de Paul” Society, Proyecto Horizonte – Ushpa Ushpa was founded in 2004 to build a day care center for children. The project grew to include a health care center and a school.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps 


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation partnered with Save the Children to provide a computer center to serve the 600 children between the ages of 6 to 14 years who attend the school. OSF provided funds to furnish and equip the center with sixteen computers including software and all the necessary furniture. Save the Children provides the curriculum for the computer classes and facilitates the training of the teachers.






Colegio Rene Barrientos Ortuño, also known as RBO, is a school that provides an education to over 1,000 children in a rural part of Cochabamba. RBO serves children ages 5 to 18 years old. For years, the mission of RBO has been to provide quality education and maintain the rich cultural traditions of the area. This school also works with training the families of these children by providing them with life skills workshops for sustainable happier lives. 

How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps 


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation provides funding for the computer teachers for RBO as well as provides maintenance and supporting software. 


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