Founded in 1992, Fundamor is an NGO based in Cali Colombia that provides housing, nutrition, comprehensive health care, and education to children living with HIV/AIDS. The organization serves approximately 60 children ranging from newborns to eighteen years of age. In addition, Fundamor works to increase public awareness of the risks of HIV and AIDS in the community. The foundation is partially funded by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


OSF provided a grant to expand an existing computer room at Fundamor. The grant funded the purchase of new computers and peripherals, as well as the salary of an Information Technology teacher who provides computer literacy classes and maintain the computers. The computer room is used primarily by the resident children of Fundamor. The room is also open to children from the surrounding community who don’t have access to computers. OSF has also provided robotics and programming courses for the center.





Nuevo Futuro is a “Home of opportunity” that actively engages children and adolescents, in structuring their life. This home is an exclusive organization that has been recognized for its comprehensive approach to protect children and adolescents, with quality standards supported by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF). The program guarantees an intervention from the perspective of rights, providing opportunities for family and social integration.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation helps by providing financial support to maintain the computer center, we also pay for teacher’s annual salary. The computer center serves as an opportunity for boys and adolescents to develop computer skills for their academic success. OSF will also continue to provide ongoing financial support ensuring the children a secure future also assisting with job training and placement.





Casa De La Chinca is a nonprofit organization that provides for approximately 60 female adolescents who have been physically and/or emotionally abused. These young women all come from dysfunctional family environments and have little or no access to higher education or job training. La Chinca provides a safe living environment where the girls are provided educational assistance, food and clothing, social and ethical training, and psychological and social support.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish enables all these children to have the access to computers, educational assistance, and mentor support- all required to excel academically. OSF funded the furnishing of an educational computer center. They funded fourteen computers, two printers and scanners, the maintenance of the center, and will also continue to provide financial support. Orphaned Starfish is also committed to providing these women with secure employment opportunities after they leave the orphanage.


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