The Nuevas Oportunidades project was created to provide computer training to children and young adults. Approximately 36 children and young adults from a shelter in the province of Heredia and a group of approximately 80 children from the “Los Angeles” school in San Rafael Heredia will be able to attend this program. Many of them come from dysfunctional families and have little or no access to higher education. The training will focus on enabling the children to find better paying opportunities after they leave the shelters.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation provided funds to furnish a computer center, and will continue to provide ongoing financial support. We provide computer education for underprivileged children who have no access to computers in any part of their community.






La Posada de Belen is a home for girls between the ages of eleven and eighteen, who have children of their own. Regardless of their nationality or belief system the program takes them in with open arms. La Posada helps them adjust to their new role as a mother by ensuring that all of their needs are met. After having their baby, the girls spend six months at La Posada before they return to their homes. In 2009, a new board was elected with a vision to educate these girls and give them the tools that they need in order to learn a trade, get a job, and not have to return to the place where they were victimized. Our new mission is to educate, because we believe that if we educate one teenage mother we will be educating 1000 future generations. In providing these opportunities, we are simultaneously educating the girls and making a difference in their children’s lives, by giving them something that their mothers never had: an education, the right to play, and support for their dreams. We believe that they have the right to be what they want to be, so we give them a range of options to choose which career path they prefer. With this being said, we guarantee that once they reach the age of eighteen, they will be able to have a job with the career skills they acquired at the Posada.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation furnished and equipped the computer center with the installation of 10 computers, internet access, Rosetta Stone English software, and also pays for teacher’s annual salary. These advances contribute to the overall goal of improving young mother’s education so that they have the skills and self-confidence to continue their studies and thereby break the cycle of poverty for their children and future generations.



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