The Working Boys’ Center – Family of Families (WBC) is a private, legally incorporated non-profit social organization.  During the past 50 years, it has developed and maintained supportive and formational programs for working children, as well as for their entire families. Its overall emphasis is on the promotion and strengthening of moral values and its activities are in the areas of health, education, nutrition, housing improvement. The objectives of improving the quality of education of students and graduated students securing employment requires that WBC take seriously the advances being made in ICT as well as in applying this new technology in classroom education and workplace production activities.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation furnished and equipped the computer center with the installation of 15 computers, internet access, Rosetta Stone English software, and also pays for teacher’s annual salary. We serve approximately 500 students in which the center improves their quality of education. We also provide technologically enhanced training in work skills, which will increase awareness of potentially better employments and help their processes of human professional growth.




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