Haz Un Amigo, Mejor Tu Comunidad was founded under the Mercedario’s regional administration, Senora de la Paz, in its interest to contribute to societal problems. All the children and youth, orphans and at-risk youth, in this particular area are exposed to a variety of at-risk situations, particularly the marginal zones which have less economical resources, which doesn’t allow them to satisfy their basics needs. These children are even more vulnerable to climatic disasters and to social problems, such as violence, vandalism, drug addiction, alcoholism, gang groups, etc., adding the shortage of opportunities to personal development and proactive life. Haz Un Amigo, Mejor Tu Comunidad’s project is a community center that provides computer training to children and young adults. Approximately 200 to 300 children and young adults from the ages of 5 through 19 will be able to take advantage of the Orphaned Starfish Vocational Training Center we will establish through this grant.

Haz Un Amigo, Mejor Tu Comunidad works in the following areas: serving children and youth within the community, sponsorships for 280 children with food and education; meals 3 times a week in two schools located in the marginal areas, la Reforma y el Espino; orphanage for teenagers (15 teenagers), annual summer classes and camps (during vacation period) for children, camps an free music courses for teenagers, and psychological attention.


Haz Un Amigo, and we, believe that education is a lifeline to the children in El Salvador—it is essential to overcome the negative impacts related to natural disasters and a long-term approach to mitigating issues arising from armed-conflict. An informed and educated generation of young people can heal and restore the country.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation provides a computer center that will serve children and teenagers from the ages of 5-19, who are currently experience the affects of a broken family or affected by alcoholism, economic crisis, emigration, limited access to formal education, absence of health services, etc. Microsoft also partnered with OSF and is providing a pilot programming course for the chilfren here.


The program will allow the children and youth individually and formative, they will acquire basic knowledge in English language and computation, They will have support in the completion of their homework, through the use of computer and internet; also learning the development of creativity, creating, making images, music and basic knowledge about video editing, promoting values, etc. We want to give them valuables tools to compete in the work market or apply to entrepreneurship and opt for an better life quality. In a social plane, the program will prevent the actual problems the children and youth face on a daily basis: gangs, violence, family disintegration, addiction conducts such as drugs and alcoholism that affect their society.


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