ECF Village’s main feature is the school-based child safety net that comes with an integrated set of basic health, nutrition and education services, a model which has proven to be cost-effective and sustainable in the context of Ethiopia, a large African country with among the highest concentrations of poverty in Africa.

Since it began operations, eight classroom blocks and learning facilities have been constructed, complete with equipment, furniture and a health clinic. ECF Village has provided 10 years of schooling, health care and nutrition to 411 primarily orphans and poor children, and conducted HIV/AIDS awareness training among 15,000 community members. It has built a communal kitchen, a feeding center, a dairy farm, and developed seven hectares of cultivated land for producing grains and vegetables for the Child-Feeding Program. It has undertaken and promoted good agricultural practices. It has done this while conserving the environment, mainly the introduction of bio-gas energy, tree planting and environmental education activities.

Currently there are 411 children enrolled, between the ages of 4-17, with roughly equal gender equality. The classes range from Kindergarten to 10th grade. In collaboration with the local communities and authorities, which assist with the selection of beneficiary children, ECF has been enrolling approximately 35-40 children every year; their ages range from 4 to 6, and they usually join from kindergarten.  Today, the first class of students have reached 10th grade in 2010 and they will take national examination for the completion of high school.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


OSF will provide funds to build a Technical and Vocational Training Center at the ECF Village.  The center is expected to allow the children to learn computer and technical skill to help them obtain employment in areas like information communication technology, hospitality and tourism, construction, textile and sewing.  In addition, OSF will also provide funds to pay the salary of two teachers.


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