Homestead Place of Safety is located on approximately two acres of land; and, caters exclusively to the needs of girls remanded to the facility for care and protection; uncontrollable behavior; and/or on criminal charges. Homestead’s mission is to create a stable supportive and nurturing environment to girls who have experience trauma in their lives by providing intervention and rehabilitation that will ultimately build resilience and aid in their socialization. Girls attend classes on the compound of the facility Mondays through Friday and, are actively engaged in pursuits such as: Sewing, Food and Nutrition, Cosmetology, Social, Studies, Geography, Religious knowledge, Mathematics, English Language, English Literature.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation has installed a fully furnished computer center, which includes connectivity to the Internet, desk and chairs, and desktop computers. OSF also funds the teacher’s salary and will continue to provide on going support for the children of Homestead Place of Safety. The girls will have the opportunity to receive computer-training skills to increase their awareness, which will allow them to have better employment and secure their future.



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