Many Hopes aims to eliminate the causes of extreme poverty in Kenya by working with the victims of that poverty who will one day be the solution: orphaned and abandoned children in the Kilifi region. They rescue children from situations of abuse, and educate and empower them to be influencers for justice. They achieve this vision with a template for sustainable, replicable justice globally: The Many Hopes Justice Framework. In addition to the children in their homes, they have represented hundreds of physically and sexually abused children in the child welfare system and courts in Kenya and have completed planning for a justice center to provide legal advocacy for individual children and serve as a research and policy resource, helping to enhance and enforce child rights’ laws nationwide. Many Hopes has recently built an all inclusive school for 900 children.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation has helped assist the students of Many Hopes become equipped with the skills to become adults who don’t just survive but rather influence.  Many Hopes world-class school will provide the highest level of education and the best educational resources available. OSF has included a state-of-the-art computer lab containing: 10 computers, 10 desks and chairs, educational software and Internet access, and the salary of a Tutor.



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