Colegio Virgen Del Rosario is a primary and secondary school located in Manchay, a town outside of Lima, Peru. The parish serves 240 students and their families who contend with varying degrees of poverty. The parish community center in Manchay is aimed at alleviating poverty by fighting chronic malnutrition, neglect, abuse, and by keeping students in school. It caters to as many as 15,000 people and seeks to give their students skills with which they can support themselves and improve the community of Manchay.


How the Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


OSF’s grant pays for a computer room at the school equipped with furniture, technology for twenty computers and provides a teacher's salary. The children have the opportunity to receive computer training skills to increase their awareness which will potentially allow them to have better employment.






Fundación Niños del Arco Iris (The Rainbow Children Foundation) is a private non-profit organization whose goal is to provide health and education services to deprived people in Urubamba, Cusco. On a daily bases, the students learn how to be socially and environmentally responsible. CETPRO students are volunteers in the Foundation ́s activities; they help in the school activities, in medical campaigns in rural communities, etc. The students go out with the schoolchildren to collect plastic wastes form the surroundings, they help in the children’s dining room every day, etc. In this way, the students are not only being prepared to get into the labor market, they are being educated to become in examples for others. 


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


OSF has equipped the classrooms with eight new computers as well as pays the teacher’s salary on a continuing basis. We funded Rosetta Stone software for English language training. The goals of the new vocational computer center are to introduce all the children to typing, computer usage, and standard computer skills, allowing them to use the computers for their schoolwork, connect to the world through the internet, and use these skills to qualify for gainful employment.



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