Gawad Kalinga is a picture of what a squatter’s area looks like. It’s a place of poverty, crime, thievery, anger and hopelessness. Children are roaming the streets naked, malnourished, uncared and begging alms. The youth are out of school, taking drugs, joining gangs, working for a living at their young age taking big responsibilities when they should be enjoying life. Parents are jobless. Fathers are drinking alcohol early morning while mother gossips. The place is murky, dirty and stinking. The houses are made of whatever materials they could put in together like cardboard boxes, tarpaulin materials, old tires, plastics, and used plywood. Every child is a symbol of hope and of great potential. Children born in this place never lose hope in their future, even when the adults in this area have already given-up hope. Hiyas ng Maynila’s aim is to help the children improve their education by being computer literate and ready for their future. Once they are able to help themselves, they will be able to inspire the whole community and help their families.


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps 


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation provided funds to fully furnish the computer center with laptops, desk, chairs, cabinets, marker board, projector, printer, supplies, air conditioning, and more. We provide computer education for underprivileged children who have no access to computers in any part of their community. The computer center has been a great opportunity for children to further improve their computer knowledge skills. The youth will also be able to practice and prepare to have employment in the future. OSF will continue to provide ongoing financial support. 



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