OSF recently returned from one of our most successful trips to visit our programs in Bogota & Medellin, Colombia. Bert Quintana, CEO of SiTEL & Hernan Quintanilla, Director of SiTEL Colombia visited our program in Bogota, Amparo De Niños: Granja Loyola. SiTEL promised these children, orphaned boys, the opportunity of a future. SiTEL brought 5 of our brightest computer students to visit their facilities in Bogota. The were given a tour and also experienced a-day-in-the-life, where each young man was able to choose what job they wanted for the day. SiTEL has promised the children of OSF Internships & Job Placement as they graduate high school and become of age, encouraging them to further their education while they work. This is a dream come true for OSF and our children.

The entire event was extraordinary.

Here is a photo of Bert Quintana with the boys of Amparo De Niños: Granja Loyola in Bogota.


Colombian Actress, Paula Garces (Harold & Kumar, The Shield) also joined us on the trip. She visited Bogota as well as our two programs in Medellin, Casa De La Chinca and Senderos De Paz. She has already hit the ground running since our arrival back in NYC with articles on FOX and in the DAILY NEWS. HUFFINGTON POST has also picked up a 3 part blog article. Thank you, Paula!

Here is a photo of Paula Garces with some of the boys of Amparo De Niños: Granja Loyola in Bogota.