"...Esperando quizás el sol,

quizás la lluvia."

Marisol. The Poet.


Marisol is starting a future of success as she goes on to study Commercial Engineering in Universidad de Santo Tomas in Chile. With her poise and accomplishments it is hard to imagine her in a life of turmoil and unbearable hardships.  As she moves on out of Hogar de San Francisco in Chile, she speaks about her amazing opportunities, and the help she received from The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, especially from Tio Andy,

whom she admires.


Over the years, the humble assistance she was able to receive from Hogar de San Francisco and OSF has inspired her to one day establish her own organization to help other children who need encouragement through art. Throughout the years, she was able to see the outcome of hard work as she scored impressive grades in her classes. Writing, being the basis of her progress in school, also became a hobby. She entered a poetry contest and won first place with her piece titled Piel Marfil, which means Ivory Skin.


As Marisol recalls the events of her childhood, they do not hurt her or affect her, in fact she states “…they made me stronger and allow me to persevere.” It is not expected that children are responsible for their lives but Marisol, exemplifies taking action and accepting responsibility for herself, progressing out of the program to guide her own journey leaving what made her who she is today. She had the opportunity to stay at the orphanage, however she left so that another little girl in need could stay at the orphanage, and have the same opportunities. Inspiring.