March 24, 2020


As I remain isolated and bombarded by negative news in every aspect of the media, I wanted to go back just two weeks and write about hope, and joy, and the appreciation of life amongst those who have endured hardship in their lives. 


María Elena and her husband started HISE, an orphanage to house orphans and survivors of abuse from the streets. They were donated a beautiful building across the street that they converted into an absolutely beautiful orphanage for now over 50 girls and boys. These children have been through unmentionable horrors of abandonment and abuse, but yet remain full of hope. 


Arriving at the orphanage is an arrival filled with love and joy. Here, Orphaned Starfish not only provided the state of the art technology center, but also supports two computer teachers, two English teachers, a guitar teacher and a piano teacher, through our annual funding. The improvement and mastery of each student improves exponentially each time I visit. 





I wish I could describe to you the joy of their performances in theater, guitar, singing and computer presentations. The looks on their faces of pride as they show all they have learned is priceless. 


As we endure the current extreme difficulties of the current pandemic, please do keep these absolute angels in your thoughts for their health and safety as well as their inspiration for overcoming the worst possible histories. 


Sending love to you all and love to these special children and their caregivers. 



Andy Stein

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