April 6, 2020

This is an incredibly emotional time for all of us at Orphaned Starfish and there is a great deal of anxiety amongst our children and the program directors in all twenty-nine countries we serve, including here in the United States.


We continue to look towards the hopeful future when our computer centers are all back in full-time operation and the students’ needs are those of studying, preparing to enter the university and beginning their jobs. I, personally, cannot wait until I am able to hug thousands of children again to chants of Tio Andy.


However, for now, there are immediate problems that we can solve.





While Orphaned Starfish focuses exclusively on technology-based education and job training, our strategically chosen programs have always provided the basic necessities through secured government aid or other non-profit support.  This focus has allowed us to be so successful on such a small budget.


Sadly, due to the virus, many of those funding sources have come to an end and the programs are struggling to feed the children we serve and provide them with other bare necessities for them and their families.


That is why we have launched a campaign called YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Phase 1 will be utilizing our network of support to supply food, masks, and basic necessities to the children, families and caregivers in our network.  Phase 2 will be the extension of on-line learning, by computer or phone, for our community-based programs and Phase 3 will be Zoom calls with each of our orphanages and scholarship students.


We started this week with the delivery of canastas (baskets) to the Indigenous community we serve in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  Below is a photo during one of the delivery stops that brought tears to their faces and ours because of the life-saving food and medicine that was provided.


There is so much more coming in so many places around the world.  We are so blessed to be in a position to help thousands of children around the world.


You can help by giving anything you can to


We thank you deeply for your generosity during this time and pray for the well-being of you and your loved ones directly or indirectly affected by this global pandemic. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


With love,



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