The Alternativa Adolescente program of Don Bosco works with 60 teenagers between ages 12 and 15. Most of the teens are from low to middle class households, which in most cases lack a male role model. One of the basic problems in the area is the lack of educational opportunities (formal and non-formal) for the adolescents. By providing spaces and opportunities for the adolescents, the program aims to decrease the number of school drop-outs among the adolescents. The general objective of the program is to contribute to the development of the adolescents by providing tools that will help them acquire the necessary means to achieve a productive life. The main objectives of the program are to provide a safe place for personal development which includes topics of their interests, to follow up the with their development as a way of ensuring that they transition into a higher educational program, strengthen social networks for the adolescents, and considering that they play a capital role in the maintenance of the households. They also involve the families in the educational process. 


How The Orphaned Starfish Foundation Helps


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation furnished and equipped the classrooms with eight new computers and a printer as well as pays a teacher’s salary on a continuing basis. The goals of the computer center is to introduce all the children to standard computer skills, allowing them to use the computers for their schoolwork, connect to the world through the internet, and use these skills to qualify for gainful employment. These advances contribute to their overall goal of improving the welfare of each adolescent. 



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